Our technology has revolutionized major sporting events and venues globally, bringing fans together and driving brand engagement.

Sports is at the heart of everything we do.

Started in Sports

From the beginning, CUE has been centered around sports. It all started with our flagship Light Show captivating college arenas full of fans using their own mobile phones. Seven years and dozens of products later, we partner with teams across all kinds of sports, age groups, sizes, and leagues. And honestly, we’re just getting started.

Nothing else like sports. Nothing else like CUE.

There is simply nothing like sports. Live in person or watching on a screen. No matter where or how fans participate, our platform delivers exciting new ways to elevate their experience. 


Whether it’s a packed stadium or a crowded living room. It just wouldn’t be sports without the fans. Our platform immerses fans like never before, no matter where they’re located. 
Our engagement features make them feel like an invaluable part of the experience. Because they are.

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Data and Sponsorships

Data and sponsorships are necessary to ensure a solid investment return with activations at any event. Our focus is developing technology that provides opportunities to drive engagement before, during, and after events, leaving the fans hungry for more and ensuring brand partners are satisfied with their investment.

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