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Fundraise better with our 
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Pledge/Per. helps organizations extend fundraising efforts and collect more donations. And it all started with one simple question: “How do we make donating more exciting?”

How it works

Pledge/Per lets supporters pledge a specific amount to donate each time a certain activity occurs. That activity could be anything — a touchdown scored, a blue ribbon received, a mile walked, a record broken. Seriously, anything.

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Support your entire community

Raise funds for everything that makes your community special with a Pledge/Per Campaign for each team, extracurricular group, and organization. Virtually endless ways to collect donations for all your causes keeps things fun and fresh for your supporters.

Empower your fans

Your biggest supporters are already in it for the long haul. Now they can show their support and be a part of your community in a whole new way.

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Pain-free payments

We’ve integrated with Stripe, a leading payment services provider, so you can enjoy automated billing, secure payments, and detailed reports to help balance the books.

Pledge Per You-Name-It

Pledge per three-pointer, 1st place prize, goal, birdie, parade or county fair entry, the list goes on. You choose the activities that make giving exciting (and attainable) for donors.

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Instant gratification

Instantly send personalized messages to donors to show your appreciation.

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Crowd source

Promote Pledge/Per campaigns to live audiences and let new donors join the cause without leaving their seat.

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Web based

Built with responsive design and customized with your branding, Pledge/Per. provides a smooth donation experience and matches the rest of your online presence.

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See how this product is used in

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Immerse fans everywhere, making them a real part of the experience and providing immediate rewards.

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High Schools

Bring excitement to stadiums and gymnasiums during sports and other events to maximize school spirit.

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Harness the magic of our engagement features to craft unforgettable moments during concerts of any size.

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Create groundbreaking activations that integrate brands and sponsors in all the ways you can envision.

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Incorporate our technology to create a more profound worship experience without additional hardware.

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Corporate events

Leverage our suite of engagement features to kick off events and engage attendees like never before.

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