Keep fans engaged with bingo based on the game’s play-by-play action.

Keep fans engaged

A new spin on a traditional game allows fans to become active participants, playing on their phones while the game unfolds in front of them.
For brands, it's more than data collection; it's a dynamic way to engage with fans at the heart of game day energy!

Great for home or away games

This interactive game is perfect for fans, whether they are at home or in the stadium. Simply share a QR code or website link and let them participate in the action while supporting their favorite team from any location, leading to increased participation overall.

Turn up the competition with prizes

Offer a variety of prizes and coupons, ranging from small incentives to larger rewards, for achieving specific patterns or completing an entire card.

Fully customizable

Customize the entire experience to reflect your brand and ensure that it seamlessly integrates with the overall game day production.

Game play modes

Our platform offers two game play modes - manual and automatic. In manual mode, fans can stay dialed in with every card call, whereas in automatic mode, they can play effortlessly without worrying about making any moves.

Sponsor integration

Provide sponsored prizes to participants while gathering valuable marketing data for you and your partners.

Rewards and Data IconSponsor Integration Icon

Get creative

Create your own unique bingo sequence to challenge fans and offer them a chance to win big.

See how this product is used in

Basketball Icon


Immerse fans everywhere, making them a real part of the experience and providing immediate rewards.

High School Icon

High Schools

Bring excitement to stadiums and gymnasiums during sports and other events to maximize school spirit.

Music/Microphone Icon


Harness the magic of our engagement features to craft unforgettable moments during concerts of any size.

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Create groundbreaking activations that integrate brands and sponsors in all the ways you can envision.

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Incorporate our technology to create a more profound worship experience without additional hardware.

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Corporate events

Leverage our suite of engagement features to kick off events and engage attendees like never before.

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