Whether it’s a festival or concert, our technology creates unforgettable moments that connect audiences.

Amplify the live music experience.

Banish boredom

Waiting for the headliner should never feel like waiting. Utilize all your screens and the crowd’s phones to make every moment exciting for fans.

Our platform is full of features that provide interactive, always fresh, always fun content that just might make your mainboard the main attraction.

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That indescribable feeling

Nothing compares to being there in person, except seeing yourself on the mainboard in front of the entire crowd.

We know the power this magic holds, and we have multiple ways to make it happen.

All together now

Even the most dedicated fan can’t make it to every concert. We’re proud to build tech that enables fans everywhere to take part in the experience — and be a part of it, too.

Our wide range of features provides all sorts of ways to make every fan feel included:

• Aggregate photos and videos from anywhere and display on the mainboard.
• Offer branded, interactive games in-venue and at home.
• Award sponsored prizes that make everybody a winner, while driving sales for you and your partners.

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Ready to redefine the live music experience?

We can’t wait to learn about your unique event and help elevate the experience for every fan.

Collect key data

We don’t just make it easy for fans to provide an email address - we make it exciting! How? Sponsored prizes, sweepstakes, interactive games, the chance to see themselves on the big screen. The list is long and ever-growing.

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We’re ready to take your show to the next level!

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