Allow fans to share live streams from their phones, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional fan cam.

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Showcase Any Fan, Anywhere

FanSee is the ultimate connection builder, bringing fans together like never before. Whether it’s across the stadium or across the nation, it offers the ability to showcase more people in the moment, creating a truly organic experience.

It's simple... scan, stream and smile!

Fans scan a QR code with their phone to start a livestream and join the action.

All your team needs to do is select the most exciting ones to show on the video board.

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FanSee gives you access like never before.

The thrill of being on the big screen allows viewers to become part of the experience, providing more up-close-and-personal access than traditional in-venue cameras.

Show. Don’t tell.

Don’t believe us? Try it for your self!

Tap or scan the QR code to see FanSee in action.

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"Having our cell phone light show for player introductions and half time acts has let our fans really be a part of the show. I have been been a part of Super Bowl atmospheres, AFC Championships, College Football Playoffs, so to hear all the comments from the fans and the players saying that we have an unmatched home field experience is our whole thing. We are trying to replicate that every game to make sure fans are energized and help our team win the game."

Alex Schweppe

Game and Event Entertainment Manager

Cincinnati Bengals

"The ability to capture so many cell phone feeds in such little time is pretty amazing. For a typical fan cam we have about six cameras, now we are a multiplying that by over 1000. This gives us an opportunity to capture different areas of the stadium that our stick cameras could never really capture before."

Zach weaver

Director Scoreboard Operations

Kansas City Royals

"The products and support from CUE played a pivotal role in making the San Antonio Rodeo a success. Their interactive games and features added a new dimension of fun for attendees and great brand engagement for our partners."

Chris Derby

Chief Marketing Officer

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

"CUE is one of the best fan experience items we added to our game day since our center-hung scoreboard. Instantly, fans felt more a part of the game. If you want your fans to have a truly immersive experience, this takes it to another level."

Jimmy Delaney

Associate Athletic Director

University of Tennessee

"We used FanSee! a lot at the Baseball World Classic and it added a ton to the show! I would definitely use it again."

Bob Becker


Van Wagner Productions

“Pledge Per has been a turnkey fundraising solution that our fans enjoy allowing them to interact with their favorite teams and athletes. We are excited to expand this initiative into a variety of sports for the upcoming academic year."

Dan Furman


502 Circle

"During our biggest games of the year, CUE provided a unique, fan-friendly light show that increased the energy and atmosphere in the arena on game day. Our fans loved the experience!"

Leon Costello

Director of Athletics

Montana State University

"We recently announced several new baseball ambassadors, we wouldn’t have been able to do that without the Pledge Per Program."

Corey Staniscia

Co-Founder & Director

Fowler Ave Collective

"One of my favorite moments of the playoffs was when we invited our crowd to raise their torches when the dragon came out. Everyone's phones were blinking and vibrating; it was a perfect immersive experience for our fans."

Andrew Abrams

VP and Executive Producer

Vegas Golden Knights

Set Up? Easy as pie.

Our user-friendly interface will have you up and running in no time. Share the QR code, display the FanSee output on your display, and watch the excitement unfold.

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VIP Treatment

Give super fans and special guests priority in the display queue with VIP codes.

Fully Customizable

Create multiple instances of content to use for theme nights, multiple teams, and more.

Layout Options

Choose between multiple layout options based on what works best for your display or activation.

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Signal Strength Filter

Sort live streams by participants signal strength to feature only the highest-quality content on your display output.

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Rewards and Data

Engage participants with exciting rewards and chances to win, all while seizing the opportunity to gather valuable insights about your audience and most dedicated fans.

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Immerse fans everywhere, making them a real part of the experience and providing immediate rewards.

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High Schools

Bring excitement to stadiums and gymnasiums during sports and other events to maximize school spirit.

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Harness the magic of our engagement features to craft unforgettable moments during concerts of any size.

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Create groundbreaking activations that integrate brands and sponsors in all the ways you can envision.

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Incorporate our technology to create a more profound worship experience without additional hardware.

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Corporate events

Leverage our suite of engagement features to kick off events and engage attendees like never before.

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