Our proprietary acoustic modem uses data-over-sound to communicate with devices without WiFi, Bluetooth, or cell signal.

  • Your fans bring the hardware - all you need are their mobile phones
  • Powering proximity awareness, wayfinding, AR, IoT, and beyond.
  • Exponentially expanding the ways fans can actively participate at live events
  • Any device with a microphone or speaker can transmit and receive data, even offline

The potential for communicating with devices continues to expand, while traditional triggers like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell signal remain inefficient and unreliable in the field of live events.

Our patented acoustic modem technology revolutionized the data-over-sound industry in 2017. And its unique capabilities remain unrivaled to this day.

CUE continues to expand our overall technologies, developing new and exciting ways to help you engage fans and amplify your live event . AR and VR, mobile apps, geo-location capabilities, ticketing, fundraising, prize distribution, the list goes on.

No matter how vast our library of technologies becomes, we always feel like we’re just getting started.

Inaudible to the human ear, the uses for data-over-sound technology are virtually endless.

From professional sporting events in the world’s loudest stadiums to whisper-quiet conference halls, we’re continuously working with clients to expand the ways our acoustic modem can enhance experiences like never before.

How will data-over-sound elevate your event experience?

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