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Collect and display user-generated
content in real time.

User-Generated Content at Your Fingertips

PostUP is a triple threat that enhances engagement pre, during, and post-event. With a simple QR code scan, fans upload photos to share across video boards, web, and mobile.

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It's super fun and simple

PostUP makes it easier than ever for all fans to participate as it is not dependent on social media.

All content is moderated ensuring a fun and smooth experience
for operators.

Share the QR code across social media, website, emails, and more to have a full library of content queued up prior to the event.

It Drives Results

Fans love seeing themselves on large screens and enjoy having a chance to win or receive rewards for their participation. With PostUP, we offer multiple ways to enhance fan engagement and foster meaningful brand interactions that yield tangible results.

Show. Don’t tell.

Don’t believe us? Try it for your self!

Scan the QR code with your mobile to see PostUP in action

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PostUP generates content that captivates the audience.

Whether before the event kicks off, during the pulse-pounding live moments, or after the excitement settles.

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But that's not all.

Invite anyone, anywhere, to be part of the event. Share the code to enable fans to upload photos and videos from their location, fostering a sense of community.

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Everything in moderation

Your team moderates all content to ensure that the content shown aligns with your brand and is audience-friendly.

Even better

PostUP does more than engage your audience. It gathers data to help laser-target your communication channels and generate measurable results.

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All-Around Engagement

Want to elevate it to the next level? Create a 3D experience or enhance it even more with an XML feed rendered in real time to synchronize with other game day content.

Ready to take your event experience to the next level?

This product is your all-in-one solution for engagement, growth, and success.

All thriller, no filler

Featuring PostUP content alongside your regularly-scheduled mainboard content is a piece of cake. Simply upload your media, choose a layout, get more out of your big screen.

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Versatile moderation

Review posts and queue up content in advance for an even more effortless experience.

Versatile Moderation IconVersatile Moderation Icon

Flexible Formatting

Choose between multiple layout options based on what works best for your display or activation.

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Social Integration

If you want it, include Instagram and X content using any hashtag or handle. If you don't, no worries; social media is not required.

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Rewards and Data

Engage participants with exciting rewards and chances to win, all while seizing the opportunity to gather valuable insights about your audience and most dedicated fans.

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See how this product is used in

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Immerse fans everywhere, making them a real part of the experience and providing immediate rewards.

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High Schools

Bring excitement to stadiums and gymnasiums during sports and other events to maximize school spirit.

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Harness the magic of our engagement features to craft unforgettable moments during concerts of any size.

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Create groundbreaking activations that integrate brands and sponsors in all the ways you can envision.

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Incorporate our technology to create a more profound worship experience without additional hardware.

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Corporate events

Leverage our suite of engagement features to kick off events and engage attendees like never before.

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