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Our technology fosters meaningful connections among attendees and elevates brand visibility.

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Elevate every experience

A live event gives a lasting impression of your brand. Will you be remembered for mesmerizing visuals, giving rewards at every turn, adding friendly competition with engaging games, or all of the above? Whatever your goal, we have the tools to make it happen!

Bringing people together

Connect with individuals everywhere your brand reaches and put them in the spotlight to create memorable moments. (PostUP, FanSee, Filters.) 

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Our team is ready to learn all about your event and help you execute it like never before.  


Whether your brand is a nonprofit or you’re partnering with one, we help channel community sentiment into tangible gifts for charitable causes.

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Build brand partnerships

Many corporate events wouldn’t be the same (or sometimes even possible) without presenting sponsors. We build sponsorship opportunities into every single feature on our platform.

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